5 Celebrities to Inspire You for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve

Celebrities are the apple of the public eye – every move they make is seen and remembered for years to come. Even with the pressures that many celebrities face, there are yet several celebrities who have made the decision to stay sober. This New Year’s Eve, look up to the following celebrities who have worked hard in their recovery and/or sober lifestyle:

  • Jennifer Lopez – One of the best benefits of being sober for this celebrity is maintaining beautiful skin, according to Business Insider. Celebrity reports have claimed that Jennifer doesn’t drink alcohol or coffee, and focuses very strongly on her mental and physical health.
  • Blake Lively – The “Gossip Girl” actress has noted that she much prefers food over alcohol, and has never been into the alcohol scene. Some reports say that she has never had a drop of alcohol.
  • Jim Carrey – He has stated that “life is too beautiful” and therefore does not drink or use drugs. Jim has noted that he is very serious about his values to remain sober.
  • Bradley Cooper – In an interview with GQ Magazine, Bradley stated that he became sober at age 29. “Being sober helps a great deal,” he stated. “I remember looking at my life, my apartment, my dogs [when I was still using], and I thought, ‘what’s happening’?”
  • Eminem – After struggling with addiction for many years, Eminem has now exercised sobriety for over 10 years. Eminem states that his kids are what truly motivated him in recovery. He stated, “I’m looking at my kids and [realizing], ‘I need to be here for this.’”

Hollywood has been known for extreme parties and celebrity behavior – but while the media may focus on them, there are many others who live a sober lifestyle and are reaping the benefits from it. This New Year’s Eve, consider these celebrities when you are getting ready to go out and remember that you are empowered to continue staying strong through your journey of recovery.

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