12-Step Yoga Supports Those in Addiction Recovery

12-Step Yoga

As the years have passed, newer forms of treatment have become available for addiction recovery. These innovative options provide exciting new ways to learn and grow, while incorporating everyday activities that people enjoy. One exciting discovery is 12-step yoga. In a broad sense, 12-step yoga is a program that integrates the insight gained from yoga while implementing the practical tools used in many 12-step programs. Through physical practice, one can gain a deeper connection to their mind, body, and spirit. The lessons gained throughout the program leave tools for people to use long after they leave the class.

An important note, however, is that 12-step yoga is not meant to serve as a replacement for meetings, a sponsor, or any other aspect of a 12-step recovery program. Most often this program works great in addition to other treatment methods and therapies. According to the Omega Institute, 12-step yoga is grounded in the following objectives:

  • Investigate addiction and recovery from a mind/body/spirit perspective
  • Recognize the roots of addictive patterns
  • Discover tools to address patterns
  • Examine yogic and program principles at a personal level
  • Embrace practices to enhance physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing
  • Deepen understanding and application

Since 12-step yoga incorporates principles that are found in a traditional Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) program, God is a principal component, and many use the Serenity Prayer to help ground themselves. Although not much research has been done to confirm the effectiveness of this program, many people have found benefits through using it. For example, one woman described her success with 12-step yoga by stating on Mind Body Green,

“Through the physical practice, I began to experience a deep reconnection with my body. I started to perceive yoga as the way out of addiction…It was then that I began to deeply immerse myself in both the practice and study of yoga AND the 12-step program.”

In 2013 when she wrote this, she stated that it had been 13 years since her last relapse. Her success story is one of many. It’s important for you to remember that there are many ways to reach success in recovery; the idea is that you need to find what truly works best for you. One of the best ways to begin is to establish yourself in a treatment program so that you have structure and support all around you. Recovery is possible. Begin your journey today.

Recovery should be Simple. That is why Simple Recovery provides various methods of treatment to best suit your needs. Our multi-tiered program is designed to help you find success on a variety of levels – through home, work, school, volunteering, and in your personal recovery. To learn more about simplifying your life and focusing solely on your recovery, including 12-step yoga, call us today at 888-743-0490.