10 Common Topics Discussed in Group Therapy

Group Therapy discussion intense talk

When it comes to addiction recovery, group therapy is a vital component that can help people make sense of their experiences, connect with others, and work together to achieve recovery goals. Nina W. Brown, EdD, professor at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA, stated for the American Psychological Association (APA), “Group therapy is more popular than it has been in the past because of the many studies that show its efficacy.”

Group Therapy 101

Group therapy has been shown to help people with a variety of conditions, including addiction and mental illnesses such as major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and more.

If you’re new to group therapy, here are some topics that you can expect to discuss for addiction recovery:

  1. Identifying and discussing triggers for substance abuse
  2. Exploring gratitude: What it means and how we can feel it and express it
  3. Recognizing alternative activities that we can involve ourselves with that are not related to substance abuse
  4. Discussing the best and worst moments of your life, and what made those moments so good or bad
  5. Self-exploration by finding how you might describe yourself, what your goals are, and things about yourself you may like to change
  6. Practice in understanding what it’s like to “be in someone else’s shoes”; this could be through role play or other activities
  7. Learning about the importance of self-care and what you can do to build this for yourself
  8. Making a list of unhealthy habits and discussing why they are bad and ways you can change them over time
  9. Educating yourself on your and others’ addiction and recovery process
  10. Sharing a song that is important to you and discussing why it means so much

There are many topics that can be discussed in group therapy, but these are a few. As you can see, group therapy is meant to spark discussion – to give you a chance to learn more about others and yourself.

Why Group Therapy Works

A 2016 study conducted by researchers from New York found that group therapy helps addiction recovery individuals with substance abuse, treatment engagement, healthy behaviors for immunity, cravings, and self-efficacy. Group therapy can provide you with many benefits if you open your heart and mind to it.

How Group Therapy Makes A Difference

Group Therapy offers small groups, ranging from three people to twelve (although it is possible to have more participants, a unique experience. It allows people to offer and receive support, learn from one another, and to recognize they aren’t alone — others go through similar situations as they are experiencing. For a few hours anywhere from once to multiple times a week, group therapy can provide participants a safe haven.

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