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The Simple Life: Educational & Vocational Assistance for Recovering Addicts

Simple Recovery is proud to introduce its newest program addition: Simple Life. Designed to provide practical life-skills planning and management that leads to productivity in work or school, Simple Life programming incorporates the values embedded in our mission by offering innovative, client-centered behavioral health services for our clients and community.

The Simple Life Program is geared toward men and women of all ages to help our clients rebuild after the ravages of addiction. Employing the vision of Simple Recovery, Simple Life restores and celebrates the lives of clients by giving them a chance to reclaim and establish academic and vocational goals. Depending on your unique situation, the Simple Life may help you acquire a degree, change careers, train for your first job or find a new occupational path.

The Three-Phase Simple Life Process

During the first week of the Simple Life treatment process, participants take our Factor-Six™ assessment (developed by a Ph.D.) to identify vocational, educational and life-skills deficits and needs. Based on these results, a Simple Life case manager is assigned, and goals are formulated. Together, Simple Life coaches and clinicians work to develop an integrated plan that resolves deficits and helps individuals achieve these goals.

Simple Life participants pursue our three-tiered phases—Foundation, Creation and Opportunity.

Benefits of the Simple Life

At our Huntington Beach addiction treatment facility, we are simply dedicated to sobriety—and entirely committed to you. While moving from dependency to sobriety is a journey not to be taken lightly, we believe it’s a journey to be enjoyed greatly. Throughout the journey, we are your advocates, friends and trusted advisors.

Discover the Simple Life—and a proven way of returning to your career, education path or vocational goals. Call 888-207-0965 or complete our confidential online inquiry form.

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