Residential Treatment

California Residential Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Simple Recovery’s gender-specific residential treatment program is designed for clients who have acknowledged their addiction and have ongoing medical needs or home environments not conducive to safe and sober living. As a Simple Recovery resident, you receive treatment that includes a combination of substance use, medical and psychiatric care. We leave no stone unturned, as our holistic mind, body, spirit focus addresses every facet of chemical dependency.

What Is Residential Treatment?

A day at Simple Recovery is rich and transformative. During the inpatient stay, residents actively participate in a well-rounded range of program components:

  • Daily morning meditation
  • Lectures, educational activities & films
  • Group therapy & individual counseling
  • Cognitive & dialectical behavioral therapies
  • Physical fitness & recreational activities
  • Nutritional assessments
  • Success-contingent self-esteem discussions
  • Co-occurring education and support
    Coping skills and techniques for multiple addictions & compulsive behaviors
  • Stress identification & management techniques
  • Adjunctive therapies (art, hypnotherapy & drama)
  • Families in Recovery Program
  • Self-help meetings
  • Treatment & counseling interventions
  • Focus groups
  • Mindfulness & spirituality

Simple Recovery residents are also expected to attend five to seven 12-Step (AA, NA, CA, MA, PA) speaker meetings or discussion groups each week, outside of programming.

Three Simple Tiers

Simple Recovery’s three-tier, multidisciplinary approach to treatment includes a focus on the unique issues that women and men face during recovery. Each level of the program is implemented by compassionate, educated team members committed to guiding individual clients along a satisfying journey to healthy recovery. Phases include:

How Long Is Residential Treatment?

Simple Recovery program phases build on one another, offering a robust recovery framework that propels clients toward community reintegration. For clients just acknowledging their need for addiction treatment, extended care of intensive therapy is an excellent start to recovery. However, some individuals may have previously undergone treatment, experienced periods of sobriety, and endured a devastating relapse. In these cases, we work with them to personalize recovery program length and maximize success in abstinence, relationships, education and work.

Become a Simple Recovery Resident

Take your next Simple step toward thriving sobriety—and transition to a life that is no longer defined by emotional, physical and relational pain. We won’t quit on you if you don’t quit on us. Call 888-207-0965 or schedule a tour of our Joint Commission-accredited California facility, where you’ll find it’s Simply a nicer place to recover.

Please contact us to learn more about our effective and practical approach to addiction treatment and successfully maintaining sobriety in the real world.



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