Psychiatric Assessments

Upon admitting to treatment at Simple Recovery, we strive to treat each person in their entirety. A psychiatric assessment is completed within the first 72-hours of treatment to assess for co-occurring disorders, and general mental health.

Any past and current medications that may need to be components of a treatment plan will be discussed and addressed on an individual basis to ensure the safety and welfare of each client within our care.

Who is your psychiatrist?

Dr. Amal Tanagho, MD is a board certified psychiatrist in Huntington Beach, California. She specializes in addiction treatment and has been practicing in psychiatric medicine for over 30 years. As Simple Recovery’s Consulting Psychiatrist, Dr. Tanagho works in collaboration with our clinicians to create dual diagnoses supportive treatment. Her work includes preliminary and continuing psychiatric evaluation, and medication management (when needed). In addition to her extensive knowledge and experience in the field, Dr. Tanagho is a keen listener, and dedicates herself to her patients with a caring and understanding approach.

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