Outpatient Program

Orange County Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program

The decision to seek addiction treatment is never an easy one. While some patients have the luxury of residing in an inpatient treatment facility, that option is not always feasible—or needed. Simple’s outpatient program helps men and women take the next step in their addiction treatment in two ways:

Created to meet the evidence-based standards of the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Service Administration, the American Society of Addiction Medicine and the Joint Commission, Simple Recovery’s highly effective outpatient program offers the same services and benefits as inpatient treatment while allowing patients to maintain daily family and employment obligations. Ultimately, Simple’s outpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs are designed to support continued success in abstinence, relationships, education and work.

Keep in mind that daytime and outpatient programming are best suited to individuals able and willing to commit to a structured program, regular attendance, and active participation.

What Is the Outpatient Program Like?

OP participants meet up to four times weekly for varying success-based periods, depending on addiction history and recovery goals. Together with credentialed staff, through effective interaction and the creation of a nurturing environment, outpatient clients realize their recovery goals. Simple Recovery OP services are offered on an individualized basis, and may include:

In addition to outpatient treatment, Simple Recovery also offers a legal services & liaison program. Men and women participating in this program receive assistance from a professional who attends all legal appointments and works collaboratively to ensure best-possible legal support.

Begin Outpatient Therapy with Simple Recovery

Addiction treatment is a highly personal choice, and Simple Recovery understands the vital role outpatient therapy plays in the life of a drug or alcohol dependent person. You’re never a number, here. Instead, we treat you with compassion and dignity while helping you navigate your recovered life. With the aid of our credentialed professionals, you’ll take the next Simple step toward newfound freedom, growth and independence!

Find out today why our facility is Simply a better place to recover. Call 888-207-0965 or complete a confidential online inquiry form. An admissions counselor will be in touch to discuss your needs.

Please contact us to learn more about our effective and practical approach to addiction treatment and successfully maintaining sobriety in the real world.



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