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When you walk through the doors at Simple Recovery, you are not a number. You’re an individual on the path to living a healthy, balanced life in lasting recovery. As you engage with the tools and techniques provided along this pathway, they lead you to addiction treatment resources, coping strategies, and a vibrant network of community support, all entirely committed to you.

Every individual has a unique Simple Recovery gateway. Discovering yours is the goal of our comprehensive admission assessment, which pairs you with a trained Admissions Counselor. He or she will help you determine the nature of your addiction and, in partnership with licensed clinicians, navigate a recovery path toward incremental success. If detoxification is one of the stops on your individual pathway, Simple Recovery has the professional detoxification services to guide you comfortably through this phase.

Detoxification & Evaluation

A clinical description of detoxification is the evaluation, physical stabilization, and fostering of a client’s desire to continue treatment. At Simple Recovery, we view detoxification as a time for cleansing drugs or alcohol from your mind and body so they no longer mask self-awareness, cloud your vision of the future, or consume your mental and physical being.

Detoxification Services

Like much of the recovery process, the inclusion of detoxification in your individual recovery plan is based on your unique needs. To ensure clients receive the detox treatment suited to their situation, Simple Recovery offers multiple services and the length of treatment depends on a number of important factors:



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Simple Recovery staff professionals see beyond your drug and alcohol problems to the strong, capable person you can become. Our California-licensed and accredited residential and outpatient treatment programs are also accredited by the Joint Commission and staffed with professionals who have a passion to help you transform your life. If you won’t quit, we won’t quit on you. Call 888-207-0965 today or begin the admissions process online.

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