Frequently Asked Questions

Will Simple Recovery accept my Insurance?

Simple Recovery is In-Network with most major insurance carriers. Our admissions department is available 24/7 to discuss insurance questions and verify insurance benefits. If you would like to have your insurance verified, please fill out the Insurance Verification Form or contact our Admissions office at (888)-207-0975.

Can I have visitors while I’m in treatment?

As a client at Simple Recovery, supportive family and friends are welcome to visit with you while in treatment upon request approval from the clinical team.

Will there be an opportunity for family to meet with the treatment team?

We encourage anyone who is part of your recovery to participate in our Family Program (link to families in recovery page). We also offer family therapy as needed.

Can I work with my current therapist or psychiatrist?

Simple Recovery encourages the collaboration of outside therapists and psychiatrists so long as they are supportive of your recovery. Our clinical team is trained to work side by side with outside professionals along the continuum of care.

Am I allowed to bring my pet into treatment?


What about my computer and cell phone?

For your first two weeks in treatment, we require a “Blackout” period where no cell phones are allowed. This is to free you from any distractions while you settle into treatment. However, following this time, you will be allowed to use your cell phone and computer. If you do not have a computer, we offer access to a client computer as needed. Having a cell phone or a computer is a privilege, and the Clinical team will help to establish phone and computer yes supportive to your recovery.

What if I have pending legal issues?

If you are struggling with legal issues, as can often happen within our addiction, we will assign a court liaison at your request to guide you through your concerns.

What is detox?

Detoxification is the evaluation, physical stabilization and fostering of clients desire to continue treatment, increasing chances for long term sobriety. All clients are assessed for the need for detoxification. Those clients in need of detoxification are admitted to detox, and the length of stay varies based on drug(s) of choice, length of time client has used chemicals, amount of chemicals used, and physical health.

A typical day at Simple-Recovery consists of a combination of structure and individualized planning. Our weekly schedule is generally comprised of some of the following:

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