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There are moments in life that profoundly change us; like the time you realized a “fun” habit had gotten out of control and was defining your life. It became a seemingly insurmountable problem: disrupting your education, employment, relationships, and every other facet of your existence. At Simple Recovery, we hope that the moment that will change you most—for the better—will be the clarity, resignation or relief you feel when you or someone you love begins their healing journey at our Huntington Beach drug and alcohol treatment facility.

Risk Factors for Addiction

Addiction is a chronic, progressive and potentially fatal disease that grips you physically, psychologically and behaviorally. You may find yourself at risk for drug and alcohol dependency if you:

At Simple Recovery, You’re No Longer Alone

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), an estimated 2.2 million adolescents (12 to 17) reported using illicit drugs. Binge alcohol drinking among this target group is estimated at 1.6 million, with young adults between 18 and 25 making up 13 percent of the drinkers. Baby boomers have carried old drug habits into later adulthood, and we’re only now beginning to understand the magnitude of addiction in the boomer and elderly populations. What do these statistics tell us? Most importantly—that you do not suffer alone.

Millions of people are being treated for addiction and substance abuse, and many of them seek treatment only after recognizing an inability to “do life.” If you’re in a fight for your very survival and drugs and alcohol have become a dangerous coping mechanism, your next step is Simple.

At Simple Recovery, we give you new ways to cope. Working closely with clients, we help instill the drive to recover from active addiction—and the desire to establish a healthy, meaningful life. No one who walks through our door is a number. Every client is an individual with a unique story and purpose. You’ll find no one-size-fits-all solutions here. Instead, we connect on a deeply personal level and provide tailored programs that don’t feel like addiction treatment.

Welcome to the Simple Lifestyle

Welcome home to our Orange County drug and alcohol treatment facility. There is nothing cold or dull about our center or its setting, which lies a mile from the stunning CA coastline. Completing your recovery in a non-institutional environment like ours eases your transition from addiction to sobriety. Our comfortable, six-bed estate is the backdrop for your healing journey. It lies on a quiet street in an elite Huntington Beach neighborhood, and is beautifully appointed with single and double rooms that include:

Our Zen backyard garden retreat is the ideal place to meditate or meet with your sponsor, and our close proximity to some of SoCal’s best beaches reminds you that being sober is fun and rewarding.

Your Key to Success: Stages of Recovery

The journey to recover from drug and alcohol addiction looks different for everyone, but our success-based, tiered program allows you to (1) start where you can grow and thrive, and (2) progress through additional program phases on an individual basis. As you work your way through the Foundation, Creation and Opportunity levels of the Simple Recovery program, your treatment team will help you determine when you are confident and ready to move forward.

Your Next Step is Simple

Simple Recovery is located in Huntington Beach, CA—with world-famous Surf City beaches within walking distance of our home. Enjoy hiking, equestrian courses, therapeutic water activities and meditative beach strolls—or shop our town’s quaint boutiques and dine at nearby restaurants. Many Simple Recovery clients also learn to enjoy cooking and develop an appreciation for a wholesome, fresh diet that accelerates physical healing and provides spontaneous opportunity for fellowship and meal gatherings.

Don’t Wait to Get Help

Fear is overwhelmingly powerful, and it can be paralyzing. When hope seems like a fleeting emotion, the Simple team is here to remind you that life can be good again. At Simple Recovery, we’re simply dedicated to sobriety—and entirely committed to you.

Experience skilled, individualized addiction treatment today, the Simple way, when you call 888-207-0965 or fill out our confidential online inquiry.

Please contact us to learn more about our effective and practical approach to addiction treatment and successfully maintaining sobriety in the real world.



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