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California Addiction Treatment Programs

At Simple Recovery, our extensive training and experience in addiction treatment provide a safe, structured environment delivering optimal recovery outcomes. Here, credentialed professionals journey alongside clients as they encounter life stressors and triggers for addictive behavior or relapse. Our programs are specifically designed to teach men and women how to “live sober” rather than just “be sober.”

Simple Recovery Programming Options

The following programs take participants through a continuum of care from detox to sober living and beyond. While many individuals ask how long our treatment program is, your treatment timeline is customized to your unique medical and financial needs. Each phase of the three-tiered protocol is “success based,” so you’ll never transition to the next phase without proper preparation and support from your clinical team.

Simple Recovery programs include:

Benefits of Simple Recovery Programs

Whether you are entering rehab for the first time or have experienced a frustrating relapse, we see past your addiction to the capable person you are. Our inpatient and outpatient programs, as well as our sober living environments address the needs of those taking the first step in addiction treatment—and those coming home to lead a life of sustained sobriety.

Co-Occurring Treatment

Co-Occurring disorders are chemical dependency problems complicated by a secondary mental health diagnosis. At Simple Recovery, we recognize that both conditions must be addressed to achieve successful outcomes. Our credentialed staff is equipped to deal with a variety of co-occurring disorders, including disordered eating, post-traumatic stress, panic and anxiety, clinical depression and mood disorders. In conjunction with appropriate medication management provided by our physician or psychiatrist, clients participate in a therapeutic process to identify feelings, thoughts, values and beliefs that could trigger a relapse to chemical use or an exacerbation of co-occurring disorders.

Take the Next Simple Step Now

Start fresh, begin again, or return to a supportive community. No matter where you are on your journey, our facilities are Simply a better place to recover. To discuss your addiction or get help for a family member, contact our admissions team now: 888-207-0965.

You have our promise: “If you won’t quit, we won’t quit on you.”

Please contact us to learn more about our effective and practical approach to addiction treatment and successfully maintaining sobriety in the real world.



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